Fun Winter Activities for Seniors

A cozy shot of an elderly woman s hands knitting with a fire going in a fireplace in the background

The winter months don’t have to be dreary and boring! Instead of hibernating for the winter, why not awaken your sense of adventure? Older adults can stay active with a variety of fun indoor activities no matter what the weather is like outside. We’ve put together a list of winter activities for seniors to help you stay engaged and inspired throughout the season.

1. Find Your Zen

Do something good for your mind, body and spirit in the winter months. Yoga involves stretching and holding postures that focus on building flexibility, balance and strength, while tai chi involves precise relaxed exercises to increase both agility and balance. If you have a few spare moments, try meditating. It can be as simple as taking deep breaths, calming your mind, and focusing on the sound of each inhale and exhale. 

2. Make Music

Adding more music to your life may help you stay physically active and socially engaged. Sing along with your favorite album or join a community choir or singalong group. Play the piano or learn a new instrument like the ukulele or harmonica. It doesn’t really matter how much talent you have (or don’t have) as a musician, as long as you’re having fun! 

3. Get Your Groove On

Dancing is a great form of exercise that promotes balance and coordination for older adults. Join a class in ballroom dancing, country line dancing, or Zumba® to let loose and learn some new dance moves, or simply dance around your living room and let the music move you.

4. Play Games

Sometimes we just need the good old-fashioned fun of sitting around a table playing card games or diving into a stack of board games with friends and family. Bring back the old classics, from Scrabble and Yahtzee to Monopoly and Clue, for a game night that will keep everyone on their toes!

5. Solve Puzzles

Working on puzzles is a great winter activity for seniors because it provides a challenge that can provide days, weeks or months of entertainment, depending on the complexity of the puzzle and the time you spend working on it. Solving puzzles helps older adults stay mentally sharp and physically engaged through hand and eye coordination. Plus, there’s a fun social aspect when working together to solve puzzles with others.

6. Get Crafty

Starting a new craft project can be a fun and fulfilling way to spend your free time and a creative outlet you can share with others. Whether you enjoy painting, sculpture, knitting, quilting, woodworking or other projects, you’ll find opportunities to dabble in creativity in our arts and crafts studio at Rolling Green Village.

7. Go on a Field Trip

With so much to explore close to home, you don’t have to go far for an adventure! Plan an excursion to explore area parks and gardens, visit museums, or attend a ballet or theater production. A trolley ride in town provides a charming way to take in the sights while visiting local shops and boutiques. Check out more fun ways to enjoy the area attractions in Greenville, SC.

8. Hit the Pool

Getting in the pool is a fantastic way to stay active in the winter. Whether you’re swimming laps or doing water aerobics, the pool is perfect for a low-impact workout. At Rolling Green Village, our indoor heated saltwater pool is gentler on the hair, skin, and eyes than a traditional chlorinated pool, and people with asthma and other lung conditions often find they can breathe easier without fumes from chlorinated pools. Learn more about our Health and Wellness Center designed to help you thrive in all aspects of wellness.

A Community Where Fun Happens Year-Round

We have the cure for winter doldrums, and it starts with a focus on hospitality and creating an environment where residents are inspired to live each day to the fullest. At Rolling Green Village, we have a full calendar of activities in the winter months — and all year long — with countless opportunities to learn new things, connect with others, and follow your passions in retirement. Contact us to learn more about our independent living community.