Why Choose an Over 55 Community?

Man exercising with personal trainer

“Senior living is only for ‘old’ people.” “I’ll lose my independence.” “There’s nothing to do.”  Have you heard these common misperceptions? If your only experience with retirement communities was decades ago, you may believe that they’re synonymous with nursing homes. In reality, senior living communities are more like resorts than anything else. Just as society’s ideas about the vitality of older adults have changed, so has the concept of senior living in Greenville, SC.

Nowadays, senior living has a focus beyond health care. It provides the ideal lifestyle for older adults at all ages and stages of health. Among the benefits of living in a retirement community is an emphasis on physical, social and emotional wellness; healthy nutrition; lifelong learning; and other factors that promote a sense of well-being. Residents see the benefits of senior living as a way to enhance their lifestyle and give themselves more freedom. They live much as they did before they moved in, but without the responsibilities and worries of homeownership. They enjoy an array of daily choices for how they spend their time. If medical assistance is ever needed, one of the benefits of senior living is that higher levels of care — assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation — are right on campus. Residents can take advantage of these services without the worry of moving again.

Why Move Now?

Moving is easier when you’re able-bodied. Decluttering, packing and selling a home is less physically taxing when you’re in good health. Waiting until you’re forced to — because of illness or a health crisis — limits your options. You or your family may have to decide on a community based on availability instead of desirability, which is never ideal. Moving while you’re healthy means you get to choose where you live and relieves your children of making a decision for you. They’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re where you want to be, and you’ll fully enjoy the community’s activities, services and amenities.

Here are some other benefits of living in a retirement community sooner rather than later:

You can actually retire. The maintenance-free lifestyle is one of the great benefits of living in a retirement community. To quote one of our residents : “I realized that as a woman living here in an apartment, I’m finally retired. I don’t cook. I don’t clean. It’s nice. My husband may have been retired for a while, but now I’m finally retired.” Read more testimonials here

You get to choose your home. We have to blow our own horn here, because we offer a variety of floor plans rarely found in an over-55 community. Not just apartments, but stand-alone cottages and patio homes. There are 23 floor plans with a range of square footage and prices to suit your lifestyle. Take a look.

You’ll stay active. Senior living communities are invested in keeping their residents healthy and independent. From water aerobics classes to personal training, from neighborhood bike rides to walking the dog by the lake, independent living in Greenville, SC. makes it safe and easy to keep your body moving. 

You’ll make new friends. Community living allows you to connect easily with others and widen your social circle. There’s never any pressure to attend or participate in events, but the opportunities are there to meet like-minded people and build the bonds proven to keep us healthy as we age.  

You’ll have remarkable access. The variety of support services in senior living will surpass your expectations. You’ll find a chef and culinary team. A dietitian. Professional fitness instructors. Licensed nursing staff. Rehabilitation therapists. Memory care specialists. And it’s all under one roof.

You’ll never be bored. A community’s calendar is typically filled with events, activities, special programs and outings. Residents often start and lead clubs based around common interests like books, writing, gardening, crafts, sports and more. And when you need to slow your pace and relax, the open spaces and walking paths offer the means to take a break from being busy.

You’ll avoid traffic. Communities offer regular transportation with pickup and drop-off where you need to go. It enables you to manage your appointments without having to drive, dodge traffic or find parking. 

You’ll be safe. Your quality of life improves when you live in a safe place with people you trust. Senior living management and staff are committed to keeping their residents safe in situations such as COVID-19. The communities are gated and secure, with round-the-clock security to screen guests and stop unwanted visitors. And there’s an emergency response system (usually a wearable device or an in-room pull-cord) for residents and families’ peace of mind.

As you consider your retirement options, make sure you’re fully informed about what an over-55 community can offer you today. The key to your new home could be the key to a whole new wonderful future. If you’d like to learn more about Rolling Green Village, located in Greenville, SC., and you’re wondering how to choose a retirement community, contact us.