Benefits of Senior Living Community in Greenville, SC

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Active Seniors Benefit from Moving to a Senior Living Community

Deciding how you want to live in your retirement years is a big – and exciting – decision. Maybe you’re planning to travel, have adventures with grandkids and explore the hobbies you didn’t have time for before. Few active seniors realize that an independent living community can make these activities even easier to pursue. In fact, a consumer survey of seniors found that over 46 percent of participants believed they were too young to live in a retirement community. But, as seniors who’ve made the transition know, there are many advantages to moving into independent living when you’re active and healthy.

9 Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Senior living communities are brimming with amenities, services, activities and potential new friends. With such a richly engaging environment, it’s no surprise that a recent study found that retirement community residents tend to stay healthy longer, to enjoy life more, to be more active and to feel more secure. In addition to health and happiness, here are nine benefits active seniors who choose independent living can enjoy:

1. An easier transition. Moving into senior living because you choose to can give you a greater sense of control over your life than if you wait until circumstances force you. Plus, healthy, active seniors are less likely to suffer from relocation stress syndrome, a condition marked by anxiety, confusion, hopelessness and loneliness.

2. Autonomy. Making the choice to move into independent living while you’re healthy gives you the freedom to choose the community that feels right for you. Waiting might mean loved ones have to make the choice for you.

3. Free time. Independent living services often include restaurant-style dining, home maintenance, housekeeping and groundskeeping, which can free you from many daily chores and responsibilities. That means you can devote more time to the hobbies, pursuits and people you love.

4. A vibrant social life. Independent living communities foster new friendships and provide lovely surroundings in which to entertain longtime friends and family. A full calendar of planned activities means you can be as socially active as you want to be. Or, when quiet time suits your mood, you can retreat to the privacy of your own apartment or enjoy a pleasant walk with a friend. You may also choose to stay active in the community through volunteer work or by participating in community events.

5. A sense of security. With round-the-clock security, you can leave your apartment during extended travel or walk the community grounds at night without concern. And an emergency call system means that, if the unexpected arises, support is just a call away.  

6. An active lifestyle. With convenient access to walking trails, water aerobics and a fitness center, independent living communities make it easy to stay in shape. Often retirement communities are nestled in a vibrant town, where you can explore, shop, dine, visit museums and root for a new home team.

7. Healthy food. Chef-prepared meals with an emphasis on flavor and nutrition take the worry of preparing meals off your plate. Most independent living communities also include a café for convenient, on-the-go dining.

8. Intellectual stimulation. Freed from the responsibilities of home maintenance, you have more time to follow your curiosity. Independent living communities typically have libraries, book clubs, an art studio and other opportunities to engage in lifelong learning. Plus, you can sign up for workshops and classes in the local community.

9. Transportation. Even if changes in your health require that you give up driving, you can stay as active and engaged as you want. In addition to on-site amenities and activities, independent living communities provide scheduled transportation to local shops, restaurants and entertainment.

Life Plan Communities Provide Additional Benefits

Some independent living communities are Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities). These communities offer a continuum of care to meet residents’ changing needs. If you choose a Life Plan Community like Rolling Green Village, you’ll capitalize on additional perks such as:

Bonus #1: Peace of mind. You have the comfort of knowing that even if your health changes, a continuum of care means your needs will be met at a predictable cost. Life plan communities are not only a good value, but also offer the reassurance that you can stay in the community you’ve come to love, even if your needs change.

Bonus #2: Wellness resources. If the need arises, residents have access to assisted living, rehabilitation, memory care and skilled nursing at predictable costs.

What Are You Waiting For?

With so much to enjoy, why not move into an independent living community when you can make the most of all the benefits? Residents of independent living at Rolling Green Village can choose to settle into stand-alone patio homes or apartment homes. You can connect with a community of friendly, active seniors while enjoying the luxuries of maintenance-free living, garden spaces and an indoor, heated saltwater pool. Get in touch with us to find out more!