Top Reasons to Stay at a Short-Term Rehabilitation Center for Seniors

Skilled nurse and senior male in rehab center

Short-Term Rehabilitation

When you’ve been hospitalized following an accident, illness or surgery, the last thing you want to do is extend your stay. Home, and a good night’s sleep in your own bed, is where most want to go.

But the familiar setting of home may not be the best place for you to recover, especially if you’re on your own or if family members can’t provide the help you need. A senior rehabilitation center in Greenville, SC, can be your best choice for a full and speedy recovery. Here are the top three reasons why a short-term stay at a senior rehabilitation center should be the next step on your road to recovery.

Full spectrum of care — The range of services offered at a senior rehabilitation center is much broader than can be provided at home by a skilled caregiver. Most rehabilitation centers offer a variety of therapies, including physical, occupational and speech therapies, along with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers and dietitians. A team approach is best because you may need help getting back to normal in a number of areas. Your rehab team can target specific needs and help you make a full and complete recovery.

A comfortable setting — Many rehabilitation centers at senior living communities excel at making you feel right at home. Options like private rooms, multiple dining venues and on-campus amenities — such as a heated indoor pool, salon spa, library, lounge and movie theater — make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Many older adults enjoy the warm, welcoming environment, especially after a long hospital stay. A senior rehabilitation center allows you to focus on what’s most important: healing and getting back to the life you love.

Community activities — Loneliness and isolation are major problems among older adults. Time spent at home recovering from illness or injury can make matters worse if you’re unable to participate in normal social activities or get around like you used to. At a rehabilitation center in a senior living community, you can participate in group activities and enjoy socializing with others in the community. The engaging environment will take your mind off your troubles, and the people you meet will act as a built-in support group to boost your recovery. Of course, relatives and friends are welcome to visit to check on your progress and help in any way they can.

We can get you on the road to recovery.
Rolling Green Village in Greenville, SC, offers a full range of rehabilitation services, including aquatic, physical, occupational and speech therapies. Private rooms; chef-prepared meals; and a warm, welcoming environment will make your stay as pleasant as it is productive. To learn more about short-term rehabilitation at Rolling Green Village, visit our rehabilitation page or contact us today.