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Downsizing for Seniors: 5 Reasons Why Apartment Living is the Way to Go

Downsizing for seniors may be a difficult subject to broach, but it’s important that you consider these points before you make a decision. As you enter later phases of your life, you may want to focus on leisurely activities rather than home maintenance. Choosing a smaller space at a senior living community gives you the …

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Transitioning to Senior Apartments: 5 Steps for Downsizing

Transitioning from your large home to senior apartments may seem daunting, but we’ve outlined some steps that should make the process go smoothly. We’ll go over disposing of unwanted items, measuring dimensions correctly and making the most of your in-home storage. We’ll also share tips for decorating and furnishing your smaller home or apartment. And …

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Rolling Green Village Residents Bond Over Reading

Dr. Annamarie Burts will turn 101 years old. While she’s one of the oldest residents, she doesn’t look a day over 60, and she lives that lifestyle as well. Every week, Annamarie walks down the hall and visits her new neighbor. Along with chatting with him about this week’s current events, she reads novels to the legally blind man. It’s one of the many ways Annamarie gives back to the Greenville and Rolling Green Village communities.

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Rolling Green Village makes it a ‘Blue Day’ for city police

Police officers are among the public servants that don’t often get the credit they deserve, said June Green. So it was important to her and other Rolling Green Village residents to not just give them credit, but recognize them for their importance to the community. Rolling Green Village Makes it a Blue Day for city …

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Rolling Green Village Unveils The Seasons of the Heart Mural

Intergenerational Project Unites Greenville Residents of All Ages When Kathryn Trantham moved to Rolling Green Village, she knew she had found an engaging place to call home. Within months, the legally blind resident was helping create a masterpiece of art that will last forever on a wall at the senior living community. The idea for …

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Can Your Life Insurance Help You Now?

One of the biggest concerns with retirement living is “will I have enough money?” Here is an article that you may find helpful if you have life insurance and are looking for ways to capitalize the benefits.

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