When Do You Need Assisted Living?

First, What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living in Greenville, SC is a residential solution for older adults who need extra support each day. When needed, nursing assistants and other specially trained team members assist residents with activities of daily living (ADL), like dressing, bathing, eating and taking medication.

Added support means assisted living residents can remain independent and take advantage of the service and amenities and programs offered at the senior living communities in Greenville, SC With that goal in mind, both seniors and their caregivers may wonder “When do you need assisted living?”

How to Know When It’s Time for Assisted Living – 5 Indicators

If you’re caring for a senior loved one, you may have considered support options. But when is assisted living necessary? Here are some signs that your loved one may need more structured care.

1. Rising Care Needs – Your loved one may have developed complications from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis or another chronic illness. If the person’s needs progress beyond your physical capabilities, your time availability or your knowledge level, start exploring options to find the support your loved one needs.

2. Safety – If your loved one regularly forgets their medications or if they’ve had a fall or series of falls, they may require more specialized care. Not feeling safe at home may indicate when to move to assisted living facility.

3. Poor Diet or Weight Loss – You may see their refrigerator full of expired food that hasn’t been thrown away. If they’re growing thinner and neglecting food, your loved one may not be getting proper nutrition, and they may need assistance to cook meals or to ensure they eat quality foods.

4. Poor Personal Hygiene – Have you noticed that your loved one is more disheveled than usual or has developed a bad odor? Doing the laundry may become more exhausting and bathing more precarious. Added help can ease anxiety around these everyday tasks and allow your loved one to feel more confident.

5. Unclean Living Space – If your loved one’s home look like it’s increasingly unkempt – dirty dishes piling up in the sink, dust and grime accumulating – it may be a sign that your loved one doesn’t feel as safe or comfortable performing everyday chores like vacuuming, dusting or doing the dishes. A support team can take on those chores, so your loved one can spend more time doing activities they enjoy.

Next Steps

There are several productive steps to take if you’re wondering when to move to assisted living:
Talk to Your Family – If you’re not the only decision maker or the only caregiver, talk to the others involved, bring information about assisted living and communicate clearly why you think the move may be right for your loved one. And include your senior loved one, so that they can express any concerns and provide their personal insight. That way you can discuss together how to know when it’s time for assisted living and if that time is now.

Do Your Research – Not all assisted living facilities in Greenville, SC are the same. Explore the options in your area — or in the area your loved one wants to stay — and compare services and amenities, cost, and location until you find a few communities that might be a good fit. Start with an online search or call to ask specific questions.

Schedule Visits – After you’ve researched communities near you, don’t be afraid to reach out and arrange a tour. You’ll get a better sense of the true experience offered there, see the living areas, and meet staff members.

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