Surveyed Residents Award Rolling Green Village High Marks

The Rolling Green Village Expansion

In a recent Resident Satisfaction Survey conducted by LifeCare Services, residents resoundingly praised Rolling Green Village for its health services, transportation, communications, community life services, food, security and more.

The surveys were sent to over 700 Rolling Green Village independent living, assisted living and health center residents. Among independent living, assisted living and health center residents, 97% said they were very satisfied with Rolling Green Village as a place to live and 97% said they would recommend the community to friends and family. Among memory care residents, 100% agreed with both of those statements. 

When compared to other surveyed LCS communities, Rolling Green Village far exceeds others, ranking on average 14 percentage points higher among independent living residents and 20 percentage points higher among memory care residents.

“We’re excited that Rolling Green Village is meeting and exceeding residents expectations,” said Ruth Wood, Marketing Director at Rolling Green Village. “We’re always looking for ways to enhance the lives of residents and bring more value.”