Senior Independent Living Myths

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8 Senior Living Myths Exposed

Despite the incredible progress in the assisted and senior living industry, myths and outdated stereotypes persist. We don’t want these misconceptions to keep any active adult from embracing the lifestyle benefits of independent living or the long-term care support a community can provide if a resident needs it.
To help older adults make the right, informed decision for themselves, we’ve listed some of the most common myths along with the senior living facts that set the record straight.

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Senior Living Myths vs. Senior Living Facts

  1. Senior living is just for ailing seniors.
    Too many people still believe senior living communities are only helpful if an aging adult requires daily care. But independent living offers active adults the maintenance-free lifestyle, social connection, wellness resources and educational opportunities that add vibrancy to each day. While you can choose a senior living contract that gives you a smart plan for long-term care, independent living is a residential option that elevates your lifestyle today.
  2. Moving to an independent living community means I’m not independent anymore. 
    Retirement living communities actually help you maintain your independence as long as possible. The well-rounded lifestyle is designed to keep you healthy, happy and engaged. High-quality food and fitness options help your physical health. Friends and neighbors are available to increase your social wellness, cultural programming tends to your intellectual wellbeing. Your days are still yours; you just have more resources.
  3. I’ll have to give up parts of my life.
    The services in retirement communities free up your time to pursue what’s important to you. Take maintenance and housekeeping off your chore list. Only cook when the mood strikes. A move to independent living should add to your life, not impede it.
  4. The food will be flavorless and boring.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. At independent, senior living communities like Rolling Green Village, you’ll find multiple dining venues with daily menus. Dedicated chefs and dining teams infuse creativity into every dish and professionalism into every interaction.
  5. I won’t feel at home in a senior living community.
    As with any move, life in a retirement community may feel a little foreign at first. But you get to define your lifestyle the same way you do in your current residence. You choose the type of senior residence you prefer: a free-standing cottage, a duplex, or a one- or two-bedroom senior apartment. Customize your home the way you like with personal furnishings. While you’ll have neighbors close by and activities on campus, you can be as involved as you choose and find privacy whenever you’d like it.
  6. I shouldn’t move to senior living until I need care.
    Many seniors move to independent living when they’re ready to focus on what matters to them, not daily chores like yardwork. Often, they want to spend more time volunteering, traveling or rediscovering old passions, while a dedicated team takes care of the maintenance. Some choose to move to independent living because they want to have a forward-thinking plan in place for senior health care if and when they need it. This safety net for the future offers both seniors and their families peace of mind.
  7. I won’t see my friends or family.
    One of the most important senior living facts is you’re still in charge of your life. Your time is yours to spend how you want. Visit friends and family or invite them to your place. They can even share meals with you at the community, if you’d like.
  8. It’s too expensive.
    Seniors who have paid off their mortgages are sometimes concerned about a monthly fee. But a mortgage and a monthly fee aren’t directly comparable. The monthly fee at a senior living community also covers many other services and amenities that mortgage holders pay for separately. These include utilities, housekeeping, dining, access to a fitness studio and group classes, and specially arranged social activities. When you look at the whole picture, senior independent living can be a great value.

While there are many universal senior living facts, the true vibrancy and culture of a independent living community will vary. That’s why it’s important to visit and experience the lifestyle for yourself. If you’re looking for an enriching, independent senior living in Greenville, South Carolina, Rolling Green Village may be just the right fit for you. Contact a member of our team to find out more or to schedule a tour.