Rolling Green Village Residents Build and Launch Rockets

Ready. Set. Launch. This year small rockets soared 500 feet above the Greenville city limits. The rockets were created by Rolling Green Village’s Rocket Club.

Resident Ed Beck, aka Rocket Man, started the club in 2018. This retired physical science teacher has always loved rockets and space. He built his first rocket in the 1970s with a group of students, and rocket building soon became his favorite pastime.

“I think hobbies are important,” said Beck. “I’ve always enjoyed making these rockets with the kids, and now I enjoy teaching my passion to my fellow residents.”

About a dozen of them spend weeks making the Estes-type rockets. The students range from those having no rocket-building experience to a retired NASA scientist. The oldest student was 95 years young.

“Each person gets a packet and we have to follow instructions on how to make the rockets. It’s a lot of fun,” said Beck.

Ed Beck and the Rocket Club launch were featured on WYFF-TV and “Your Carolina with Jack and Megan.” You can watch both stories below.