Rolling Green Village Residents Bond Over Reading

senior woman reading bookDr. Annamarie Burts enjoys the days she can curl up inside her Rolling Green Village apartment home with a good book in her hands. She enjoys the invigoration of storytelling and benefits to the mind and soul. “I’ve always enjoyed reading,” she exclaims. “It’s nice to get lost inside a good book, sometimes to pass the time.”

She’s 101 years old – although she doesn’t look a day over 60. Several months before the monumental birthday, she picked up a new hobby that helped her share her love for reading and storytelling with a couple of her neighbors who happen to be blind.

Rolling Green Village Is More Like a Family

Annamarie first heard about the volunteer opportunity last fall. A blind neighbor who just moved into Rolling Green Village, requested someone read to him for one hour each week. Annamarie couldn’t wait to dive into a new book and was also eager to help others living at the Life Plan Community she’s called home for more than 23 years.

She meets with this resident weekly and reads a variety of books, including some about his Indian heritage. She says she’s learned so much from him and the books she’s read.

“It’s exciting to learn about the Indian history with him as I read,” she says. “He enjoys having me there, and I enjoy spending time with him too. We’re all a family here at Rolling Green Village. We all look for ways to give back to one another. This is my way of helping out around the community.”

Annamarie has now begun reading to a second blind neighbor. This time, she gets to enjoy mystery novels, which are some of her favorites. “These books are real page- turners,” she laughs. “Sometimes it’s hard to put them down to leave.”

Promoting a Sense of Purpose

Annamarie says this experience has given her a new sense of purpose, something Rolling Green Village looks to foster among all residents. Research has shown this drive in older adults can help with healthy aging and may even offer longevity benefits.

“Annamarie truly embodies the spirit of Rolling Green Village,” explains Rolling Green Village Marketing DirectorRuth Wood. “She’s a great advocate for successful aging here at our community. She’s been involved with so many events and activities since she moved in 23 years ago. She’s a great neighbor to everyone who moves in here.”

Annamarie says the lifestyle and the value of the Life Plan option at Rolling Green Village can’t be matched by any other senior living community in the area.

“My husband and I have used all levels of care at Rolling Green Village. The staff at all stages have been so wonderful and caring. You just can’t beat what we have here at Rolling Green Village,” Annamarie says.