Local Senior Punches Up Her Exercise Routine with the Speed Bag

Lindo Pelto exercising with a punching bag

Linda Pelto has spent the last seven years perfecting the sport of speed boxing. Now in her 70s, Pelto enjoys having a gym with a speed bag located right on the Rolling Green Village campus. At least three times a week you’ll find her in there doing up to 100 reps on the speed bag.

Pelto first became interested in the sport after learning the health benefits it provides, which includes: improved hand-eye coordination, decreased risk of falling and stimulation to the brain and body.

She said it took her almost two years to consistently hit the bag without stopping. Her advice to those who are interested in learning the trade – “Don’t ever be intimidated,” said Pelto. “To box is to be steeped in rhythm and movement, coordinating the swing of hips, the swivel of feet, and the power of the arms. It is exhausting, exhilarating, rigorous and immensely rewarding.”

When Pelto isn’t punching the speed bag in the gym, she’s either using free weights, working on her balance on the BOSU® ball, or working with the on-site Fitness Coordinator Victor Ranilla.

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