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7 Tips for Moving to Senior Living

Ready to take your retirement to the next level? Look no further than senior living at Rolling Green Village. Our community is bursting with energy, friendship, and endless opportunities to …

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What is a Memory Screening?

Older adults are becoming much more aware of the importance of brain health. Just like monitoring the body’s cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels for early signs of trouble, …

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Senior Independent Living Myths

Despite the incredible progress in the assisted and senior living industry, myths and outdated stereotypes persist. We don’t want these misconceptions to keep any active adult from embracing the lifestyle …

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Spotting the Early Signs of Dementia

You hear the term “dementia” used in different contexts, but do you know what it really means? Dementia isn’t a disease per se. It’s a term for the symptoms of …

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Top 5 Podcasts to Start Now.

If you haven’t noticed, there are now more than half a million podcasts available to listen to. What is a podcast? Where do you find them? Are there educational podcasts …

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